YO! I’ve set up my new blog, so if you’d like to follow me, just head on over to the open sea.


YO! I’ve set up my new blog, so if you’d like to follow me, just head on over to the open sea.

YO! I’ve set up my new blog, so if you’d like to follow me, just head on over to the open sea.

message me ur url because ill probably miss it and forget to re follow you ;o;

for sure! <3

Okay, I’ve thought it over and I’ve decided to just remake my blog. That way I can post SFW art, at least! I’ll make a post when I’ve got the blog set up and whatnot!







no bro

you really don’t

not at fucking



It appears absolutely no one realizes this character (assuming this story takes places during the time in which it was filmed) grew up during The Troubles of Northern Ireland.

You don’t if he’s Northern Irish. You don’t know if he’s Catholic. You don’t know if he grew up watching his people get murdered by Loyalist Protestants and British soldiers who carried heavy racial prejudice against Irish Catholics (hellooo, Bloody Sunday anyone?), who had for centuries been characterized as barbaric, racially inferior, lowly people who needed to be wiped out or converted. Attacks by the IRA, and therefore retaliation by the British, didn’t completely cease until 1998, I believe? This film came out in 2002.

You don’t know if he was an Irishman who grew up in England. Bomb attacks carried out by the IRA in England kindled misplaced aggression toward innocent Irish civilians living among the English population and Irish people were verbally and physically attacked and their businesses targeted. Perhaps similar to how ordinary Muslims bear the brunt of aggression after attacks by Muslim extremists…

You can still find yourself threatened and demeaned if you’re a Catholic in Northern Ireland or if you’re a Protestant in Ireland and some older dude in a pub in a smaller town straight up asks you if you’re Catholic or not and you’re afraid what’ll happen if you don’t lie about who you are.

You can still hear casual racism toward Irish people in everyday life and in publicly broadcast media in the UK.

You can still see and hear “Kill All Irish” and other pretty heavy anti-Irish sentiment among Loyalists in Northern Ireland who don’t consider themselves Irish at all.

Just because it now appears that the island of Ireland has been allowed to move on from war and their appearance and culture generally allows them to blend into and reap the benefits of the White European demographic doesn’t mean that this character does not have the background suitable to fully empathize with her. Maybe he does, maybe he doesn’t, we just don’t know his story.

But I guess you’ve never been demeaned as a Paddy or a Taig so you wouldn’t understand what it feels like, would you?

don’t worry dude it’s tumblr the mentality here is basically “if you’re lighter than a coconut you’re not allowed to have any feelings and your life is automatically perfect but that’s not racist at all bc your skin is lighter than someone else’s and that means it’s ok”


not enough upward pointies in the world


I REALLY like this pokemon


tumblr is just ‘dont conform to society, conform to us’


Tumblr: Here we accept everyone and anyone, no judging:)
Tumblr: Haha hipsters suck
Tumblr: If you are pro-life you're obviously a bigot
Tumblr: Wow people that don't understand fandom reference are so dumb lets insult them
Tumblr: WOW why are these hipsters getting pissed off we RUINED THEIR POST TOUCHY
Tumblr: Ew 12.9 yr olds should all die
Tumblr: Scene girls are fucking stupid
Tumblr: Is that an opinion? Oh no, honey, you're not allowed your own opinion here:)
Tumblr: Hey lets make fun of young artists pictures on the internet
Tumblr: You can't conform to society!
Tumblr: Conform to us instead.


Another AX commish.  CLASH OF CHAIRS

Iy’s only been a few days but i yearn to have more pokemon news



Poison Pokemon! This is the first time I’ve really done a digital painting, and it’s the first piece I did in Paint Tool SAI. I think this is okay. Actually no that’s being too critical, I really like it. Especially that cutie Gulpin ( / 3\)

so I never posted about this but this can be purchased on my RedBubble thing.

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